all those empty bottles


I’m not a lush! Most of these are from a party I threw months ago.

I have been saving bottles for a while now,  thinking about making some lamps. But my drilling attempt this weekend to make a hole for the cord didn’t even make a dent. So now I am back to one of the first ideas I had, which is to jump on the terrarium trend train. Since the necks on most of them are quite tight and the openings pretty small, I’m not sure how this will work out.

But I do love visiting the flower district — It’s this unexpected lush, green jungle right in the middle of the city. You feel transported to the rain forest instantly and have to watch out or you end up leaving with more containers of little succulents than you know what to do with! I’ve never gone at 5am, when all of the fresh cut flowers are being sold, maybe I will try that this week…maybe.

Once when I was doing a bit of research I came across this Scouting New York blog post which really gives you an idea of what the flower district feels like. Now I am really starting to obsess over all of the moss and air plants in my future — 28th Street here I come!


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