Paula Hayes’ Globes In The Park



This week I stumbled across the Gazing Globes installation by Paula Hayes in Madison Square Park. The dozen or so glass orbs atop pedestals are filled with swirls of glittering, iridescence and various electronic castoff parts. The mix of oozing lakes of color, pointy see-through stalagmites, and shiny metal bits create little intergalactic biospheres that beckon viewers to get a closer look. I enjoyed peering into the globes as well as seeing the delighted reactions of others around me.

As it gets warmer, I look forward to experiencing more public art throughout the city. And it is an especially nice treat when I come across it unexpectedly. I really appreciate when art installations are able to draw me in, making me to linger and reflect — getting me to spend a little more time enjoying life and my city.


Panorama of Gazing Globes in the South West corner of Madison Square Park.


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