3D printing Expo


3D-makerbot-marquee sign

On Thursday I went to the 3D Printing Expo at the Javits Center. I was surprised at the number of different companies who had printers on the market — there are so many competing technologies. The show was split in two parts. The first part featured the technology/machines and the second part showcased the output/software/users.

The most interesting printer I saw was by mcor technologies. Rather than the ubiquitous plastic filament, it used standard office paper. The design gets printed in color on 2D paper and then this machine uses glue to mold and compress the 3D object.

This creates cheaper, possibly recyclable pieces. However, they are not waterproof and the pieces I saw relied on the colored ink, rather than the texture of the paper substrate, to produce the details. But the strength and cohesion of the objects was outstanding. For example, this printed hammer in the video below, shot by my friend, Mike, was so strong, that it could actually hammer nails into wood:

The most useful software I came across is an app called morphi. The Inventery, has created an ipad/ipad mini app that makes creating 3D models/files for printing accessible and affordable. The basic app is free, with premiums including text and advanced shapes. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it seems like a great idea.



fresh fiberI really liked the jewelry, bags, and phone cases at the Cubify booth. They featured works with a really nice finish, they describe as a ‘subtle texture with a special character, fusing the soul of wood with the flexibility of leather.’ meow! These products are found under the Fresh Fiber section of their site and line designed by artist Maria Cichy called Fierce Forms is especially edgy.

The primal power of swan, stingray and barracuda into Fierce Forms – luxe accessories that are slightly feral and far from basic.


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