#Strengthie / ONE.org


strengthie-projectionI passed this projected psa on the Hudson Hotel on the way home. While it wasn’t immediately apparent what it was about, my interest was piqued. Turns out it’s a campaign by ONE.org to empower/support women and girls #Strengthie. It’s targeting those who will be voting at the UN tomorrow. They will be deciding outcomes that effect everyone in the poorest countries, but disproportionately woman usually get a raw deal—socially, legally economically….

Yesterday I was on a crowded train with my mom and we helped two UN delegates from Nepal. They had gotten very lost on their way to an event at a museum and the train was doing its confusing weekend nonsense. There had been so many other delegates trying to hail cabs, that they braved mass transit. They asked if my mom and I had ever been to their country and jokingly compared the NYC subway to Mount Everest. I wondered & worried about them all afternoon. I hoped they hadn’t completely missed their program and wished we could have talked to them more.

I have just started getting very reflective while writing this post. I realize it’s quite easy to be here in the US and say things should be better elsewhere. And there are so many problems in this country as well. I can sign an online petition from the comfort of my apartment and then what?… I definitely do not have the answer for that, not at all. So for now I will just say that I appreciated the design of the ONE.org website. The colors, iconography, and information layout/architecture are all good:

one-website{Bono has a good team!}

One thought on “#Strengthie / ONE.org

  1. Thanks for this! I didn’t know about his organization. Currently trying to create a human rights institute at my college and will incorporate some of Bono’s ideas. Thanks

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