I’m with her

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trump_hitlerSaw this scary smart piece outside the Whitney a few weeks ago. It is hard to believe that this other trump sighting was now close to a year ago…his horribleness just keeps on getting worse and worse and yet he has supporters. There are going to actually be woman voting for him — that makes me sad and confused.

I am a nervous about what is going to happen and just made  a donation to help fund cab rides to the polls for people in swing states. It better work!

They are giving us the day off on Tuesday, which I’m thankful for. It really should be the norm so that voting isn’t a hassle to squeeze in, but actually something to celebrate…

Not too much else to say for now, other than I’m most definitely with her!



Flyers & Signs




Been awhile since I’ve posted, but IRL I have been seeing a bunch of great signs, flyers & wild postings. They have been making me smile all around my neighborhood and now finally I’m sharing them with you….

This Please Be A Good Neighbor sign is so spot on—down to even the little rivet attachments. It’s so good on multiple levels, wish I knew who made it. Also really hoping that it succeeds in it’s mission.


Another set of flyers have been popping up from Kit’s Underground, a wine shop in the Columbus Circle subway underpass. They are in multiple styles and all pretty funny. I’m quite impressed by this marketing job and just wish they understood a few more typographic/design principles, namely that all caps make it hard to read.



And then there is this guy.
After working in out of home advertising for 4 years, I will always have a soft spot for billboards and phone kiosks, so this piece really spoke to me. I’m going to try and follow this happy bunny’s wisdom and try caring a little less what others think and focus more on believing in me. I realize I’m funneling a lot of faith into this slightly trippy street art and I think that’s okay!