FAILE @ the Brooklyn Museum



I admit that I don’t know a lot about the collective FAILE, but I can tell you that I had fun at the FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds show at the Brooklyn Museum last week. There was an installation with walls collaged up with funky black-light posters, plus some neon signs and pinball machines to play!

There was also a more stately and sculptural installation. This piece is a temple paying tribute to the authenticity of youth. I particularly appreciated the tiled outside of it with this imperfectness.



moss rock garden

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moss teacup

This teacup was part of a collection that belonged to my paternal grandmother, Lillian. Now it’s a little moss rock garden sitting on my desk. Hopefully it will help keep the good summertime vibes going strong even with the approach of autumn.

It’s also making me think about all of the collections I’ve had over the years from rocks, rubber stamps, and stickers to most recently succulents & air plants. I wonder if the collector gene is something you can actually inherit just like other more visible traits….

Woodstock Posters & ads


I visited the Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts last week. They do good job of setting the scene of the 1960’s in general by illustrating the changes the nation was going through—both socially and politically. But I most enjoyed all the Woodstock memorabilia and the sections talking about the festival itself. I really appreciated that they had a lot of the printed ephemera on display.

woodstock-aquarian-expositionIt was interesting to see the various ways that the Aquarian Exposition was portrayed in the posters and ads. Just the fact that it had an art component, in addition to the music, was not really something I had been aware of. (Unfortunately, the photos I took aren’t great since they were through the glass exhibition cases, but you can get a sense of the designs…)

The first depiction is all Art Nouveau and highly decorative. Not a look I ever equated with Woodstock. It was created by David Edward Byrd and is based on  Jean Auguste Dominique Ingre’s La Source. The slightly sad story (and a clearer image) of how Bryd left for vacation and couldn’t be contacted to redo the piece can be found here.

Pratt Presents: Design, Technology, and the Future


Last night I went to a program presented by Pratt at Civic Hall. The topic was about how to navigate the newest intersections between design and technology, by exploring the ways in which ideas and innovation are fueling the future.  It was a conversation between Phillip Tiongson, from Potion & Justin Hendrix from NYC Media Lab with an introduction by Santiago Piedrafita, alum of Pratt & newly appointed chair of the Pratt Graduate Communications Design dept.

Brain Dead Neon



I Love Neon!

Found this today at Nepenthes ~ a shop/gallery on West 38th Street. There is a show called Stranger than Paradise curated by Brain Dead, a California based art and design group, which celebrates ethnic pop art and bootleg culture.

On Thursday there is an opening for a new show/pop up shop called Hell’s Kitchen Grocery, with handcrafted edible snacks and such. Too bad I’ll be out of town = bummed.