Pratt Presents: Design, Technology, and the Future


Last night I went to a program presented by Pratt at Civic Hall. The topic was about how to navigate the newest intersections between design and technology, by exploring the ways in which ideas and innovation are fueling the future.  It was a conversation between Phillip Tiongson, from Potion & Justin Hendrix from NYC Media Lab with an introduction by Santiago Piedrafita, alum of Pratt & newly appointed chair of the Pratt Graduate Communications Design dept.

Brain Dead Neon



I Love Neon!

Found this today at Nepenthes ~ a shop/gallery on West 38th Street. There is a show called Stranger than Paradise curated by Brain Dead, a California based art and design group, which celebrates ethnic pop art and bootleg culture.

On Thursday there is an opening for a new show/pop up shop called Hell’s Kitchen Grocery, with handcrafted edible snacks and such. Too bad I’ll be out of town = bummed.

Paula Hayes’ Globes In The Park



This week I stumbled across the Gazing Globes installation by Paula Hayes in Madison Square Park. The dozen or so glass orbs atop pedestals are filled with swirls of glittering, iridescence and various electronic castoff parts. The mix of oozing lakes of color, pointy see-through stalagmites, and shiny metal bits create little intergalactic biospheres that beckon viewers to get a closer look. I enjoyed peering into the globes as well as seeing the delighted reactions of others around me.

As it gets warmer, I look forward to experiencing more public art throughout the city. And it is an especially nice treat when I come across it unexpectedly. I really appreciate when art installations are able to draw me in, making me to linger and reflect — getting me to spend a little more time enjoying life and my city.


Panorama of Gazing Globes in the South West corner of Madison Square Park.

all those empty bottles


I’m not a lush! Most of these are from a party I threw months ago.

I have been saving bottles for a while now,  thinking about making some lamps. But my drilling attempt this weekend to make a hole for the cord didn’t even make a dent. So now I am back to one of the first ideas I had, which is to jump on the terrarium trend train. Since the necks on most of them are quite tight and the openings pretty small, I’m not sure how this will work out.

But I do love visiting the flower district — It’s this unexpected lush, green jungle right in the middle of the city. You feel transported to the rain forest instantly and have to watch out or you end up leaving with more containers of little succulents than you know what to do with! I’ve never gone at 5am, when all of the fresh cut flowers are being sold, maybe I will try that this week…maybe.

Once when I was doing a bit of research I came across this Scouting New York blog post which really gives you an idea of what the flower district feels like. Now I am really starting to obsess over all of the moss and air plants in my future — 28th Street here I come!

Art Shows 2015


I went to the Armory Show and the inaugural Art on Paper show on pier 36 last week. I wasn’t too impressed by that many pieces at either of them. I was pretty happy that I received free tickets to both. (I volunteered to help out with VIP private viewings for the Armory Show. But all the volunteer spots filled up so quickly, that they didn’t need me. So I lucked out and got go to the opening night Vernissage party, without doing any work = score!) I only took a few quick photos, but from now on I will be much better about recording the artist’s names etc so that I can post them to this blog.

me @ the armory

me @ the armory