Flyers & Signs




Been awhile since I’ve posted, but IRL I have been seeing a bunch of great signs, flyers & wild postings. They have been making me smile all around my neighborhood and now finally I’m sharing them with you….

This Please Be A Good Neighbor sign is so spot on—down to even the little rivet attachments. It’s so good on multiple levels, wish I knew who made it. Also really hoping that it succeeds in it’s mission.


Another set of flyers have been popping up from Kit’s Underground, a wine shop in the Columbus Circle subway underpass. They are in multiple styles and all pretty funny. I’m quite impressed by this marketing job and just wish they understood a few more typographic/design principles, namely that all caps make it hard to read.



And then there is this guy.
After working in out of home advertising for 4 years, I will always have a soft spot for billboards and phone kiosks, so this piece really spoke to me. I’m going to try and follow this happy bunny’s wisdom and try caring a little less what others think and focus more on believing in me. I realize I’m funneling a lot of faith into this slightly trippy street art and I think that’s okay!