81 of my 100 projects

I just finished participating in #the100dayproject challenge and I’m really proud that I stuck with it for all 100 days! Above are a large portion of the projects that I completed every day for 100 days and then posted to Instagram. I wasn’t totally sure that I would be able to pull off one piece a day, so I didn’t stress too much about the actual project itself — I just said I would do one small craft a day, since I didn’t want too many rules to worry about. But next time I do something like this I will definitely try to make a tighter brief for myself, in order to help guide my work better and come out with a more cohesive project.

A few of my favorites.

At the beginning I started of making little pompom creatures but then I got bored and my crafts quickly morphed to jewelry and then just faces made out of random found objects (usually with a pompom or two for a nose etc). But then on day 29, I stumbled into making collages and something really clicked for me! I decided to stick with faces and use food as my backdrop/canvas/inspiration and started having a lot of fun figuring out what to make every day.

I mostly worked at night and didn’t have a lot of time, so some were done pretty quickly and others I spent more time thinking through. I also tried to come up with fun captions/titles for the pieces ~ occasionally they were quite witty, (if I do say so myself). I had mostly avoided Instagram up until now for various reasons, so this project gave me a push to explore the app and the fun filters etc. Part of the100dayproject philosophy is that you should not only do the work every day, but that you should also put it out there and share it with an audience. And it really was great to get the positive feedback and encouragement from people — both IRL friends and also other internet people that I linked up with who were also doing the project — it was nice to have a 100day community to work along side.

Postcard back with some of the lessons I learned during this project.

Additionally, people at work found and liked my collages and I was asked to do two internal projects. Every week all of the Mother offices throughout the world get an email with ‘postcards’ from the different offices highlighting anything from client work to Mother PR to employee thoughts. The postcard I did featured 2 collages and some of the lessons I learned by embarking on the 100day challenge. And I was also asked to create an album cover for Mother Radio Live on Soundcloud for a stream currently being produced. The songs and banter etc. on this station are a creative outlet for some Mother employees and provide an awesome sonic backdrop to working from home.


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